Travel is a State of Mind

Travel is a State of Mind

No matter where we are, we are traveling.

I know that sounds strange but I have come to believe that travel isn’t so much going to visit a new place. It isn’t going on vacation or getting on a plane. It is about getting out of your routine, seeing your world in a new light and taking advantage of all the uniqueness around you.

For as long as Clark and I have been together we have been travelers. We seek out adventure in our home towns, in nearby places and think and dream about where we will go next. Our friends and family are often surprised at how many activities we did and still do in our own town.

It used to be concerts in the park, art walks on the beach, batting cages and wine tasting…when we lived in Santa Barbara. Now it is visiting all the alpine lakes in the Tahoe area, doing day hikes, and most recently going to Apple Hill to take in all the harvest festivities. We look for any opportunity to break out of our normal routine and seize the moment, the season, the adventure.

We love using the seasons as a way to spark our creative thoughts about travel we can do when we are staying close to home. Apple Hill is about a 45 minute drive from our home in Tahoe. It is a small community of farmers who grow apples. They have built it into an attraction, especially in the fall, that features petting zoo, hay maze, train rides, homemade food, and all kinds of fun arts and crafts.

These types of places are in every community. They are near you. Don’t just go to the store and buy a pumpkin. Don’t just get a Christmas tree from your hardware store. Create a tradition, create memories and experiences with your family.

Travel gets you out of your zone and removes the hazy filter that so often clouds our experiences. It pulls the curtains back on the window of life and outside is a crisp, beautiful world that is waiting to be experienced; that’s the value of travel.

Travel even if you stay home.


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  • So true. I also live in Northern California and feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful destinations nearby. Sometimes the pressure of time and money with kids makes it hard to travel far away, but we can explore in our own areas.

    • Jenna,
      You have the right idea. There is adventure everywhere and some is even free. Good for you to get out there and travel while you are at home. Where are you? What are some of your favorite places?

  • I really believe travel is a state of mind, too. My kids and I try to have at least four “adventures” a week, no matter where we are. I recently wrote a post about how to become a local tourist. We’re going to take a week to go to a different place in our village that we’ve never been to before. I’m really excited about it!

    • Christina,
      That is exactly right. That is a prefect example. There is adventure everywhere and we can either sit at home or go out there and experience it. Good for you guys. Hope to hear all about it!

  • Oh I remember those weekend adventures when the kids were little. We were never at home! Somewhere along the way we got super busy and forgot to have those regular outings!! I can’t wait to spend time exploring again next year (though not in our own backyard!)

    • Tracey,
      They are fun. My kids are very active. I suppose it is the way we have trained them, but first thing in the morning my kids want to know where we are going. No worries about socialization issues with our kids when we don’t put them in school!
      Can’t wait to hear about your adventures…try to squeeze some in now too!

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