Take a Family Trip Outside! It’s National Park Week!

Take a Family Trip Outside!  It’s National Park Week!

Portrait of Monica and Jackson at YosemiteApril 16-24 is National Parks Week and the National Park Foundation is sponsoring all kids of contests, challenges, and giveaways!  As if visiting these national treasures was not enough in itself now you have a little extra incentive.

We’ve always loved not just our national parks but state and local parks as well.  But when our son was born and we became not just a couple-on-the-go but a family-on-the-go parks had an added appeal.  One of our first trips after Jackson was born was to Yosemite.  Carrying the little guy in the backpack or the Bjorn made it even more of a workout!

We’ll always remember the trip for the simplicity.  Little picnics along the trail while enjoying the natural beauty.  Yosemite is just about a 5 hour drive from our house and we stayed with friends who live in the area.  You don’t always have to spend big bucks to create family travel memories.

So how can you create family travel memories this National Parks Week?

Find a National Park Near You!

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