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Feeling like I can’t do it… and then feeling pathetic for saying I can’t

Oct 20 2011
Sunset at Half Dome Yosemite National Park

Last week we were camping at Yosemite National Park.  If you’ve haven’t seen our recent posts on Yosemite, you’ve got to check them out, especially Monica’s detailed itinerary for a family camping trip at Yosemite. We’d spent an emotional day in Yosemite a few years ago but this trip last week was really our first […]

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Bad Start…Great Finish

Oct 17 2011

Have you ever let a bad start to a trip ruin the whole time? That almost happened, but we were redeemed. It started out rough. Stayed up until 1:30 am the night before our Yosemite camping trip working and then got a very late start to the day (3 hours late!). Road construction delays, rain-with […]

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Drumming up heartache at Yosemite

Oct 11 2011

This week we are camping at Yosemite National Park with our good friends Lisa and Andy Nelson and their boy Caden. As much as we love to travel and adventure, it’s hard to believe that we’ve failed to really take in this world renowned area which is so close to where we’ve lived in Santa […]

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“Can you help me plan my cross-country drive?”

Aug 11 2011
Road Trip Cropped

Our family has been traveling a lot for a while now.  Long before we started our family travel blog the questions were already coming from friends, family, and random people in our life. How long does it take to drive 500 miles with two little kids? (10 hours) Do airlines charge a fee for checking […]

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