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Travel and the power of yes

Jun 25 2012

Why would we want to travel forever? Why is location independence so important to us? Are we just running away from something? Questions the traveler must grapple with and unleashing the power of yes.

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Are you taking advantage of the life you chose?

May 30 2012

Are you taking advantage of all the advantages in your life? May sound like a funny question, but think for a second about what’s unique about your life scenario. How is the way you live your life uniquely suited for you to be able to enjoy particular things. Figure that out then just do it!

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Could you travel for 10 years straight?

Sep 29 2011

Clark and I were talking about traveling for an extended period of time.  It’s something we do everyday.  We talk about it at breakfast.  At lunch.  At dinner.  And when we’ve put the kids to bed for the night.  We talk about travel, and extended family travel, INCESSANTLY. If you have been following this blog […]

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I travel to remind myself that I am rich

Aug 03 2011
Rat Race

I have a magnet on my refrigerator from a trip to London in 2003.  It’s from the British Museum and features a quote from Casanova.  It reads, “In London, everything is easy to him who has money and is not afraid of spending it.” Traveling to and around London can make you feel poor.  It’s […]

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