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From the Redwood Forest to the Santa Monica Pier California Rocks.

Jul 18 2013

It’s no secret that we love California. We have not only chosen to live here, but we also take many of our trips in California. As part of the California Extravaganza today we wanted to showcase some of our past posts on this awesome place.

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10 Must-See California Destinations

Jul 16 2013
Our family at the Redwoods in 2011.

There are so many amazing places in California, and coming up with a list of ONLY 10 must-see places is always impossible. I’ve done my best… though I know I’ve left so many amazing places out… Our California Extravaganza continues!

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Our Family Camping Trip in a Few Lines

Sep 14 2011
Jackson at Lake of the Woods

We were driving home after an incredible time camping at Klamath and Crater Lakes in Oregon and then at the Redwoods.  It was our first bionafied family camping trip and it’d been all we hoped for and more.  Long drive home and of course there came a point where one of us asked the question. […]

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Our best attempt at capturing the Redwood Forest through photography

Sep 13 2011

Photographing the Redwoods is a Catch-22. They’re so magnificent that it’s like cheating. But how do you capture these things?  They’re huge. We’d been snapping pictures over the course of our few days camping at Jedediah Smith State Park but the last morning we were there I woke up early and snuck off by myself […]

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I took a digital hiatus… and the world kept turning

Sep 08 2011
iPhone Kool-Aid

I have a confession to make.  I spend too much time checking my email, Twitter, and Facebook.  It’s a trap.  I mean it’s related to my work.  I’m connecting with people, right?  I’m engaging.  I’m part of a community.  I’m expecting an email from someone–I need to check my email to see if they’ve responded. […]

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From the Redwood Forest…. This land was made for you and me!

Sep 07 2011
Dad and kid walking around a Redwood Tree

Tokyo.  Bangkok.  Paris and Rome.  New York and LA.  Take me there.  Istanbul.  I really want to see Istanbul.  I feel so at home in San Francisco.  I left my heart in San Francisco.  And then theres’s Rio de Janeiro. I want to see the opera in St. Petersburg. It’s a seemingly never-ending list. My […]

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The Countdown to Family Camping in the Redwoods at Jedediah Smith State Park

Aug 04 2011
Redwoods in the fog

We’re going camping.  Summer is in full swing and my Facebook and Twitter feeds are loaded with tales of family trips.  We live in Lake Tahoe.  It’s beautiful here in the summer.  I don’t want to travel away from Lake Tahoe in the summer–that’s what spring and fall are for (come winter I’ll be on […]

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