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3 Ways to take the stress out of vacations.

Aug 31 2011

Ever plan the perfect escape for your family, work on it for weeks, fret over every detail to create the perfect atmosphere to have some quality time only to have it go all wrong? Teenagers don’t want to participate, toddlers are sleepy or cranky or hungry or all of the above. People have attitudes and […]

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Our Family Day Trip to Fallen Leaf Lake

Aug 09 2011

So we are between trips…planning and preparing for our big camping trip in a few weeks, and still settling into our life in Tahoe. Clark says “Lets take a day trip on Friday.” so we do. Now Tahoe in the summer is almost perfect; about 77 degrees, no humidity, gorgeous beaches, hiking, biking, boating, paddle […]

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Ditch Cable-Get Netflix!

Aug 05 2011
Travel TV

I’ll admit that we aren’t normal. We don’t have cable. We don’t watch American Idol or Top Chef, at least not live. We have traded in our hours of TV watching for hours of blogging (and other things!). We didn’t go cold turkey however. It was a process. We started cutting our budget and we […]

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Act Like a Kid

Jul 18 2011
Clark as Action Figure

We love to see our kids having a good time, and who can resist the laugh of the little kid? As much as we love those things our kids love seeing us act like kids. When you let loose, be goofy and let your kids see your silly side your kids will be delighted.

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Chicago-Not my kind of town.

Jul 12 2011

As Sinatra crooned “This is my kind of town Chicago is.” We used to feel this way. I mean any city that has a whole section of town devoted steak houses can’t be bad, right? There are museums, wonderful shopping and great urban parks, but our trip there with our 18 month old was a […]

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Creating a Backyard Obstacle Course

Jul 11 2011
Jack and Emery Tire Climbers Cropped

Summer is in full swing.  Big family trips and weekend treks are on order.  But wish you had more to occupy your kids at home?  Looking at your backyard and wishing you could do more?  We eyed the big swing sets at Costco.  But are budget was….less than a thousand dollars.  We looked at K-Mart […]

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5 MYTHS that keep people from traveling with kids

Jul 01 2011

Love the idea of travel but not sure about traveling with kids?  My wife and I have always loved to travel.  But when Monica was pregnant with our first baby our friends started telling us that our traveling days were behind us.  We were excited to begin the adventure of parenthood and there was certainly […]

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Why Travel? To Raise Kids that Easily Adapt To Their Environment.

Jun 29 2011

Travel is so good for us. It is good for our physical bodies, our minds, and our spirit too. There are so many benefits for adults to travel but the benefits to kids are almost innumerable. One advantage your kids will gain by travel is the ability to adapt to their environment. This seems obvious […]

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Family Travel Lifestyle

Jun 28 2011
Family IWU Chapel

I can’t imagine living any other way.  Not anymore.  Not that I ever really lived any other way.  I suppose I’ve always operated this way.  The only difference being now I do it with my kids and we do it on a shoestring budget. I’m talking about a lifestyle of travel. One of my favorite […]

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Save Money-Bring Your Kids Drinks From Home

Jun 27 2011
Thirsty Kids

It’s Practical Family Travel Week on Family Trek! I have found an easy way to save a few bucks when traveling is to bring a lot of drinks for the kids. If you can pack juice or water in your bag and have it ready when they are thirsty it will save you; big time! […]

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Gearing Up for Family Camping: The Shopping List

Jun 24 2011
Jackson Car Camping Cropped

It was the next logical step.  Our family travels had taken us to countless hotel rooms.  We’ve been house-guests. We’ve slept on an air mattress in a church Sunday School room in Ireland.  Stayed with family we barely knew (“how are we related again?”).  The next logical step was to become family campers. We’d never […]

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Great American Backyard Campout

Jun 20 2011
Great American Backyard Campout

It’s Camping week at Family Trek! We are new to camping…but love it We are gearing up for the Great American Backyard Campout. As the economy still is slow and people are looking for ways to spend more quality time with their families without breaking the bank, camping is a great option. Slow down, enjoy the […]

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Taking the Family on a Mental Escape to the Florida Keys

Jun 16 2011

“Without geography, you’re nowhere.” -Jimmy Buffett. As I take off on a mental escape this Thursday morning I’m again going to a place inspired by Jimmy Buffett. I’m blaming it on a Tweet from @kylehufford. All I did was check in on FourSquare at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Las Vegas. And @kylehufford replied with this: […]

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Baby Sleeping on the Beach

Jun 13 2011

  Jackson Sleeping on the Beach in Kauai   Ok, we parents have a tendency to think that everything has to be “just-so” for our kids.  You know, the whole routine thing.  Outing in the morning.  Home.  Snack.  Nap.  But what happens when you’re at the beach and everyone is having a great time?  Do […]

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PHOTO GALLERY: Corn Island & Granada, Nicaragua

Jun 11 2011

We loved, loved, loved, loved Corn Island.  The most westerly island in the Caribbean, Corn Island is a part of Nicaragua but it’s really a land of its own. It’s like taking a trip back in time–like visiting the more well known islands in the Caribbean before they became the tourist traps they are today. […]

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