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Take me to Cartagena, Columbia…

Dec 15 2011

I’ll admit it.  Today, I just want to escape.  Our family is on a quest to live what we call the family travel lifestyle.  It all started for us when we rented out our home in Santa Barbara and drove across the United States and back over a 6 month period a few years ago. […]

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Home is wherever we’re sleeping tonight

Dec 06 2011

We were recently traveling with friends and I said something that confused them. “Let’s head home.” What could be so confusing about those words? We both have homes in Lake Tahoe. But on the road, for our friends, home was 300 miles away. For us, home was back at the campsite. I can’t remember when […]

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Seizing every opportunity, sucking all the marrow — the family travel lifestyle

Dec 05 2011

Have you ever had that feeling when you are at the end of a surreal few days of travels when you just want to savor the moment?  You sense the fleeting nature of the moment.  You know it will soon pass.  And all you can do is bask in the moment.  I’m always thankful for […]

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5 Unique Tips for Family Travel During the Holidays

Nov 16 2011

Travel during the holidays can be extra tough. Everyone is traveling so lines are long prices are high and weather is usually bad. So to help you navigate these dangerous waters here are some tips to make your travel as smooth and enjoyable as possible. (I am not promising your travel will be enjoyable!) I […]

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How Patchwork Income can help you achieve a Family Travel Lifestyle

Nov 14 2011

  Our life has not been a straight upward path up the corporate ladder. It was for a while, but then we got on a new path. It has been meandering and rocky at times, but we don’t regret leaving the 9-5 jobs with their illusion of security. We, along with so many others had […]

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Family Camping Itinerary in Yosemite

Oct 18 2011

Yosemite National Park is amazing. Being from California I think that I didn’t give it enough respect. I heard about it all the time growing up. Being from Lake Tahoe I didn’t think it was that much different. I was wrong. Check out the Wikipedia excerpt: The park covers an area of 761,268 acres (3,080.74 km2)[2]and […]

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Somewhere between there and here my senses have been awakened.

Oct 14 2011
Family hiking Vernal Falls at Yosemite

If you have been following this blog over the past few days you know there are a lot of emotions wrapped up in Yosemite.  I can assure you there were tears shed by both my wife and me as we wrote our posts earlier this week–especially as we re-visited losing our son Elijah William. I […]

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Our Family Camping Trip in a Few Lines

Sep 14 2011
Jackson at Lake of the Woods

We were driving home after an incredible time camping at Klamath and Crater Lakes in Oregon and then at the Redwoods.  It was our first bionafied family camping trip and it’d been all we hoped for and more.  Long drive home and of course there came a point where one of us asked the question. […]

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Klamath Lake & Crater Lake. Some amazing photos from Oregon.

Sep 06 2011

I still contend that my iPhone is the best camera I’ve ever owned.  I know that camera buffs everywhere are screaming.  But the thing about my iPhone is that I always have it on me.  I take lots of pictures. So, yes, it is the best camera I’ve ever owned in the sense that it […]

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Labor Day Weekend is about family

Sep 05 2011
Labor Day Weekend Jackson Cropped

It’s Labor Day Weekend and all across the country families are traveling together.  It’s an American tradition.  Labor Day signals that summer is coming to an end and it’s an opportunity for families to take one last great adventure before the routines of autumn set in. While traveling just ahead of Labor Day Weekend our […]

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Uh, whoops… Let’s try that again. Are we on schedule now?

Sep 02 2011

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now you’ve probably noticed that we have some routines. We publish fresh content 6 days a week (yes, even bloggers need a sabbath) and have a few themes we work from for each of those 6 days. Earlier this week as we prepared to go into […]

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We did not swim in Crater Lake, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last night

Sep 01 2011
Monica at Crater Lake

It was a short drive from our camping spot at Rocky Point to the entrance of Crater Lake National Park.  Once in the park as we wound up the mountain my heart began to go pitter-patter.  Each time we came around a bend I wondered if I’d catch a glimpse.  On the more dramatic turns […]

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When Serendipity Happens. Camping creates margin and margin creates something special.

Aug 30 2011
Sweet Little Emery Grace

Our family is always on the go.  Travel is just a way of life.  And for a family that will go anywhere on a whim, we sure spent a l-o-t of time preparing for our current trip.  We’re camping.  Although it’s not our first time, this was a first under these circumstances. I’d spent time […]

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Getting Your Kids Ready For Travel

Aug 13 2011
Boy and Girl on Luggage Cart --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

As adults we spend a great deal of time preparing ourselves to go on a trip. We think about and book places to stay, budget for food and expenses. We talk about fun activities we will do during our time away and think about all the excitement that we will have. In fact this is […]

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I want to travel…no I want to go home… no I want to travel…. home… travel…

Aug 06 2011
Different Directions

Do you know what I mean when I say I feel like I am continually pulled in opposite directions?  I long for the road.  I long for adventure.  I want to travel.  I want to go to new and unusual places.  I want to do it all and see it all.  I want to get […]

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