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This year was not as good as last year…

Dec 27 2013
Too many Bloody Mary's with bacon have made for a Fat Clark.

This year was not at good as last year. You may be surprised to hear that from me since it was just yesterday that I shared my list of best days from this past year. And it was awesome list. But still… this year was not as good as last year.

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My best days of 2012

Jan 03 2013
DL Bliss State Park Lake Tahoe

Before you can know what you want the future to look like, you should examine the past. The Best Days Exercise is designed to make each year better than the last. Here’s a look at my best days for 2012 — something I absolutely had to do before thinking about my goals for the new year.

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The World is Our Classroom-Long Term Travel and Education

Jan 10 2012
Boy and Girl on Luggage Cart --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

How do you ensure your kids learn all they need to while traveling?
In trying to figure out how to best educate our kids while traveling we have come to a very unconventional method of teaching our kids. Funny thing is that this method is how most people learn naturally and most effectively.

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