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Photo Essay from Big Sur, California

Jul 27 2013

Big Sur, California really did amaze me. We recently camped at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground with friends. My friend Bryan Rosner took some amazing photos from our trip. As part of our California Extravaganza, I’m sharing those photos with a little perspective.

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Top 5 places to See Native Wildlife in California

Jul 26 2013
sea lions by Shannon Watt

Who doesn’t love going to the zoo? But you know what’s better than the zoo? Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat! Shannon Watt from the blog Watts in the World, shares her 5 favorite places to see wildlife in California in our latest installment of the California Extravaganza.

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Yosemite’s Top 4 Activities with Family

Jul 21 2013

There are so many amazing places in California, but few compare to the beauty and majesty of Yosemite. This is one of our favorite places in the world, and today we welcome guest blogger Erin Bender who shares about her family’s recent trip to Yosemite.

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Top 6 California National Park & Recreation Areas Nobody Knows About

Jul 19 2013

California is home to so many iconic landmarks. What I love about California is that those iconic places are just the beginning. Even off the beaten path, California is amazing. Guest blogger CoreyAnn Khan shares some of her favorite places that nobody knows about.

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I Wish They All Could Be California Girls…and Other Such Misconceptions

Jul 19 2013

Dude, there are so many misconceptions about California. As someone who lives in the mountains and enjoys an average of 400 inches of snow annually and am asked frequently if the temperatures where I live ever drop below 70 degrees, I can attest to this fact. Guest blogger Erin Tullius, a 6th generation California girl, addresses a few more misconceptions about California.

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From the Redwood Forest to the Santa Monica Pier California Rocks.

Jul 18 2013

It’s no secret that we love California. We have not only chosen to live here, but we also take many of our trips in California. As part of the California Extravaganza today we wanted to showcase some of our past posts on this awesome place.

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1001 Words about Humboldt County, California

Jul 18 2013

What’s north of Northern California before you get to Oregon? Humboldt County, California, or what some people refer to as “The State of Jefferson.” Guest blogger Rich Sasek paints a fun and vivid picture of this mysteriously unknown part of California.

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Memories from Anza Borrego, California

Jul 17 2013
The view from Font's Point photo Steve Collins

Anza Borrego, the largest state park in California (and the largest desert state park in the country) encompasses almost 600,000 acres and is home to a multitude of desert plants and animals. Guest blogger Bill Frank shares her family’s experiences from Anza Borrego as part of our California Extravaganza.

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A Boring Camping Photo: More Than Meets The Eye?

Jul 16 2013
The Vandeventer and Rosner Kids all agree that camping rocks!

Bryan Rosner guest blogs today at Family Trek as part of our California Extravaganza. He also has a gift for you. An amazing gift. Are you ready to receive it?

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10 Must-See California Destinations

Jul 16 2013
Our family at the Redwoods in 2011.

There are so many amazing places in California, and coming up with a list of ONLY 10 must-see places is always impossible. I’ve done my best… though I know I’ve left so many amazing places out… Our California Extravaganza continues!

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Lake Tahoe: My California Playground

Jul 15 2013

Longtime followers of Family Trek are well acquainted with our love for Lake Tahoe. In this guest post from Jenn Gleckman, another source is corroborating our story. The most beautiful Alpine lake in North America meets world class skiing. Our California Extravaganza continues.

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I love California

Jul 15 2013
Walking along the bluffs in Isla Vista, California.

I love California and to celebrate my love for the Golden State, we’re hosting a week long California Extravaganza on Family Trek. To kick things off, I’ve shared some things I love about California.

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Even off the beaten path, California is beautiful, just beautiful

Apr 27 2012

I’ll admit to being a little California-centric. But I’m only that way because California is amazing and beautiful and amazing and beautiful! Even the off-the-beaten-path places are beautiful. After wandering through the outskirts of Yosemite and through Gold Country, I was reminded of how much I love California.

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