Parent’s Photography Workshop

Parent’s Photography Workshop

A few weeks ago I shared with you a great book on how to capture great pictures of your kids. How to tell the stories of you kids through photos. You can read my review Here. In the book there are so many great tips and ideas, but what good is a book unless you actually implement them?

So in that spirit I am going to start a Parent’s Photography Workshop. The idea is that we can start practicing and hopefully improving our photos. We can have a community of people all going on the journey and helping each other as we go along.

I am anxious to start this workshop because fter reading Click, I am so excited about taking pictures and telling the story of my kids. Also…I want to have a great photo for my Christmas card. I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but Christmas is just around the corner.


Here is the plan:

 Workshop Starts now. The first assignment is preparation and the first “photo” assignment is issued on November 3rd. It will end on

1. Sign up to participate in the workshop.

By signing up you are agreeing to:

  • Practicing your photography each week.
  • Getting pictures that fit the assignment.
  • Going to the forum throughout the week to critique the other photos that are up.

While not required, it will be extremely helpful to have read the e-book: Click-How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids. I am taking all the assignments from her last section. All the principles that we will be talking about are from the book, so I highly suggest you get a copy! ($19.99)


2. Complete the weekly assignments & post your photos

Each Thursday we will post a new assignment. It will challenge you to see your kids in a new way. To capture a side of them that you haven’t before.

Then on the following Thursday we will announce the winner of the following week.

We will have a professional, possibly a few professional photographers on our judging panel. They will pick a winner each week and offer a short summary of why that picture won. (We are working on some prizes, but for now pride and ego are all we can offer!)

Before the end of each week’s assignment on Thursday be sure to post your best photo. The earlier the better if you want feedback.


3. Visit the Forum to Critique Other’s Photos

This is a VERY important component. Critically looking at other’s photos, learning what you like and don’t like about a picture. Learning what makes a good picture and what you can improve on will be a tremendous help to your photography. None of us are professionals, we are all in this together so don’t be afraid to post pics and comment on others. This is how we will learn.


4. Create a Photo book to document your journey

This is optional, but a great way to showcase your best pictures. It is great to have photos of your kids, but even better to create treasures for them to cherish. Plus this way you can show off your awesome pictures without having to get your computer out!

We will go into this later, but we love Mixbook for creating digital scrapbooks and photo books. Their templates are the most flexible and easiest way to enhance the story you capture with your pictures.



Week 1: Prepare (Oct.24-Nov. 3)

Week 2: Let Them Cry-(for young kids) OR Tell a Story-(Older Kids) (Nov.4-9) 

Photo Credit:"Click: How to take gorgeous picture of your kids."

  • Capture your kid when they are upset.
  • OR work with your kids to tell a story, could be a fairy tale, a familiar parable or anything you dream up together, with a single image.

Week 3: Reflection-


  • Shoot your kids using their reflection.

Week 4: Street Photography-


  • Don’t let your subject know you are shooting them.
  • Shoot them at play, in public setting or urban space

Week 5: Portray Child without Featuring Their Face-


  • Think about what objects, quirks, favorites your kids have and use those to tell about them.
  • Can be objects, or parts of their bodies but no faces featured.

Week 6: Routine-

(Dec. 1-7)

  • Capture a routine that defines this time in your kids life
  • This will be a series of 4-5 pictures.


  • Create a photo book of our best pics.
  • Give some feedback on the course.

That’s the plan.

Register Now!

I am excited about starting this process and can’t wait to see all the great pictures that come from this workshop!

Please pass this on to anyone who you think may be interested in participating.

  • Robin Hurd

    When does the workshop start?

    • Good Question…Guess I forgot to mention that.
      It actually starts now with a preparation assignment then Thursday , November 3rd will be the start of the first photography assignment.

  • Awesome stuff! Parents will really appreciate this. We would if we had them. Capturing all those precious moments while they are growing up is priceless!

    You’re doing a good thing!

    Nancy & Shawn

    • “Parents will really appreciate this. We would if we had them.”

      If you had parents?
      Just giving you a hard time….
      If this workshop is successful next we might to a travel photography workshop. Then you guys could be in!

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  • I would love to join the next one! I’d struggle with the kids one – I don’t fancy upsetting the 16 year old so I can take her pic! It’s a slippery slide one she’s out of kilter!!!! Lol

    • Tracey,
      I have been getting a few comments regarding that assignment. I am going to amend it to be either Let Them Cry or Tell a Story.
      Tell a story will be you and your child together come up with a story you want to tell through a single image. It will be very interactive between the two of you.
      If that was the only reason you weren’t joining…reconsider.
      I wouldn’t upset a 16 year old for anything not essential!!! 😉

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  • Elizabeth Ewer

    Dumb question but I am a total idiot when it comes to the computer. It is true. How do we get to where we are supposed to post our photos? I signed up for the forum and now I am back to the main page and dont know how to get there from here. Sorry. Epic fail.

    • Liz, your comment is hilarious.”Epic Fail.” But who else get the kind of personal service you get! Texting with Monica while we have dinner!

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