Our Family Camping Trip in a Few Lines

Our Family Camping Trip in a Few Lines

We were driving home after an incredible time camping at Klamath and Crater Lakes in Oregon and then at the Redwoods.  It was our first bionafied family camping trip and it’d been all we hoped for and more.  Long drive home and of course there came a point where one of us asked the question.  I can’t remember if it was me asking my wife or vice versa but it doesn’t really matter.  The answer we came to was the same.

The question was something like….

What were the highlights?

What will you remember?

What’d you love about this trip?

Here’s our family camping trip…. in a few lines

  • Lunch at The Oney Frosty in Big Valley, California.  One thing we loved about the drive from Tahoe to Klamath Lake was that instead of being on a freeway we were on more minor  highways and actually cutting through towns. When we passed through Big Valley we saw The Oney Frosty.  We passed it, but determined it was U-Turn Worthy.  Funny how after everything we’d see on our trip a little stop like this would serve as a bookend.  But the stop was totally Americana.  Check out The Oney Frosty on Facebook.  And if you’re in the neighborhood stop in!
  • Setting up camp at Rocky Point, Klamath Lake.  We settled into our home for the next few days, figured out dinner, and got a campfire going.
  • Family Canoe trip through the waterways of Klamath Lake.  There are extensive marshes and waterways that lead into Klamath Lake.  A canoe is the quintessential way to explore them.  The kids had a great time.  And so did we.
  • Family Day at Lake of the Woods.  One of those places you just discover.  We didn’t plan it.  We just fell into serendipity.  It was a great day just swimming in the water and playing with the kids.
  • Crater Lake.  Wow.  I mean… WOW.  It was just stunning.
  • We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express Last night.  I’m not normally a fan of chain hotels.  But after leaving Crater Lake we were making our way to the Redwoods and just looking for a place to crash.  It was a great break to camping.  The kids loved the pool.  We loved the WiFi.  Clean, comfy beds.  A hot breakfast.  (Crappy coffee.)
  • Jedediah Smith State Park at the Redwoods.  We pulled through the entrance of the park and just sort of gave each other a look…. the look that says, “Wow.”
  • Family Hikes in the Redwoods.  We did not cover a lot of ground.  But the Redwoods were magnificent to see.  And as parents who love to hike we were excited to see our kids coming into a time when they’re able to hike too.
  • And then a long, long drive home.  It felt sort of like the twighlight zone.  Like we were on a highway treadmill.  There was another night in a hotel.  And then we were home again in Tahoe.
Jackson at Lake of the Woods

Our day at Lake of the Woods was like a step back in time.

That’s it.  Be sure to check out our photo galleries from Oregon and the Redwoods.  We also have some camping tips for you, including our reviews of our 3 Room Tent and our Camp-stove.
Excited to have you with us as we each chart our own family trek.  If you haven’t already, make sure to LIKE us on FACEBOOK to get our posts and other things we find interesting in your feed!
Happy Trails!
  • kelly oney

    Hey thank you for the kind words! Hope you stop in The Oney Frosty again!

    • Kelly,
      We loved your place. The only bummer is that we couldn’t have the BBQ. We were there too early. Saw them cooking outside, but it wasn’t ready. The burgers were really good, but will have to stop back by for some Chicken!

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