My new Otterbox iPhone & iPad 2. And win a Brenthaven 5-IN-1 Case for your 1st Gen iPad.

My new Otterbox iPhone & iPad 2.  And win a Brenthaven 5-IN-1 Case for your 1st Gen iPad.

Several months ago I got an iPad–and it’s gone these past several months without any protection. I know, crazy, huh?  It’s been a frustrating process.  I’d like a LifeProof case, but on Twitter LifeProof told me they don’t expect their iPad 2 cases to be ready until the fall.  Too bad.  Have you seen this LifeProof stuff?

I’m not leaving my iPad unprotected until fall.  I did a lot of research and found a customizable case.  It’s really cool.  It has a 2-sided hard shell protection system, a viewing stand, a strap to connect it to the back of a car’s headrest, a grip that make the iPad easier to handle in your hand, and a mount that puts the iPad at an ideal angle for screen-typing.

It finally arrived at my door and as I slipped my iPad into it I realized I’d bought a case for a first generation iPad!  But my loss is your gain.

Tweet or share this post on your Facebook Wall and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win the case.  It’s customized with the logo and reads “love family, love travel.”

Brenthaven 5-IN-1 iPad Case

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The Brenthaven 5-IN-1 has been sitting on my desk for weeks.  Knowing the LifeProof was not currently an option, I got on and ordered an Otterbox.  And I waited.  And I waited.

Finally I emailed and customer service got back to me super fast.  Told me they’d upgrade my shipping at no cost to overnight.  Then the next morning I got another email saying they could not locate the item.  I made the purchase over a month ago and as of this writing I’ve still not received the order.  Which reminds me, I need to login and cancel my order.

The wife and I were out today and I was looking at cases on Best Buy.  Why, oh, why are the choices so meager?  There were basically 2 options: a flimsy case that wouldn’t protect an iPad against anything or portfolio style cases that may be good for a trendy photographer or businessman.  Neither fit my family travel lifestyle of camping and beach fun.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and there it was!  There was only one left on the locked rack and I guarded it with my life while my my wife went to find an employee to give us access to the coveted case.

So whataya think?  Is my Otterbox case for my iPad 2 a good choice?

Otterbox for iPad 2

Was the Otterbox a good choice for my iPad 2?

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