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We’ve been processing credit/debit card transactions, and all other forms of electronic payments, for our merchant and non-profit clients for more than more than six years, processing millions of dollars in transactions for businesses throughout the United States.

If your business processes credit card transactions, let us be your credit card processing reps!

That’s right! Fire the Wall Street suits and hire us to provide for your merchant processing needs.$500 Guarantee Credit Card Processing

We are reps for a credit/debit card processing company and would love to be your merchant services provider.  You can check out the company — Electronic Payments, Inc. — and do your homework.  They have an A-Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 97 percent customer retention rate.  Their customer service is amazing.  Available 24/7 every single day of the year with no hold time. They also guarantee that you’ll save money on your credit card processing fees.  If they can’t save you money, they’ll give you $500.  That’s their guarantee.

We’ll admit, we once got a set of statements from a potential client and went over the statements with a fine-tooth comb.  In the end we had to go back to the merchant and tell him, “We have good news and bad news for you. The good news: You’re on a great program!  You have great pricing!  The bad news: We can’t save you any money.  We can match it.  But we can’t save you any money.”

The merchant switched anyway. He said he appreciated us being a straight shooters, and all things being equal he’d rather do business with someone he knew. We have saved our clients as much as 45 percent.  But if we can’t, you get a check for $500.  That’s the $500 Guarantee!

Clark and Monica Vandeventer Credit Card Processing RepsYou save money, but trust us, you’re not sacrificing in the least when it comes to service. I’ve looked at other companies. I’ve had other companies contact us about working for them. I’ll never switch, because even if those companies offered me better pay, that would come with more headaches because I know that with EPI, my merchants are taken care of.

Here’s what you get with EPI:

  • “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Named to Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Companies the Past 5 Years. #7
  • this year!
  • We believe in serving our merchant clients.
  • ZERO hold time for Customer Service
  • Customer & Technical Support Available 24/7/365
  • One of only processors left that has not outsourced Customer or Technical Support
  • Industry high 97% Customer Retention Rate
  • Full chargeback assistance
  • Next Day Funding!

We have a straight-forward approach to our pricing, and we can do it all — traditional credit card processing terminals, POS, eCommerce, websites and virtual shopping carts, Pay-at-the-Pump, wireless payments, etc. We integrate with You can use us to process your credit/debit card transactions through QuickBooks.  If you’re using basic credit card processing terminals now but want to upgrade to a POS, we have an affordable POS system.  We have American Express OnePoint, which means you can process American Express payments without having to have a separate American Express account — it’s all integrated on one account along with your Visa/MasterCard transactions.  Basically, if you are processing credit card transactions, you should contact us.  We’re experts. We are payment processing specialists. Our goal is to save you money, and, perhaps to even get you processing your payments more seamlessly.

Clark and Monica Vandeventer Credit Card Processing Merchant Services

You will also love our MERCHANT SUPPORT CENTER, a virtual management portal providing merchants with unparalleled access to real-time account updates, including transaction and batch deposits, merchant statements, account statuses, and more.

Plus, you get to have us as your reps!  EPI is fantastic. Their customer support rocks. But if there’s ever an issue, you can email or call us and we’re going to take care of you!

Switching is easy and we can have your new account up and running in as little as a few days. Just email us to get started.

You can also check out additional Business Services we provide here.

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