Living Intentionally


Do you feel like a slave to the obligations of life?  Job. Bills. Stuff. Routine. Maybe the 12-year-old you would wonder what happened to the dreams.  But you had to get practical.


Are you ready to dream again?  If you’d rather give your best years to your family instead of your job and  you’re not willing to wait for retirement to see and experience this amazing world, then you should stick around.

Our quest is to work less, live more and travel the world as a family. We write about our journey to achieve the that life by defining what we really want and living an examined life.  Less debt, fewer financial commitments, patchwork location-independent income, work we are passionate about, hack-schooling our kids using the world as our classroom, and our unquenchable thirst for travel.

If you’re tired of 8 different bosses droning on about mission statements you should keep reading.

You were made for more.  Really.



We once felt like slaves to the obligations of life. We had successful careers and were big shots in our community. Then the Great Recession become our Great Reorientation casino.  We been beaten down, but we knew there was more to life than just dusting ourselves off and getting back in the game. We knew we were made for more.  We were made not for a great job, but for a great life. A great and full and wonderful life.

If it means sacrificing  a bigger house… we’re fine with that.
If it means sacrificing a second car… we’re fine with that.
If it costs us having a certain social status… we’re fine with that.
If it means we make less money…. we’re fine with that.
If some people look at us and think we’re underachievers… we’re fine with that.

It’s not that we’re underachievers.  It’s just that we are trying to accomplish something different than most people.


Our goal is to live a life that we never want to retire from.  That means having the flexibility to pick up and go when we want. It means giving up being an employee and the idea of a “secure” job.  Instead we’ve pieced together a variety of work and income to help us live the life of our dreams. And we are a work in progress.  We’re on a journey.  We have an amazing life, but we don’t have it all figured out. It’s a journey.

We’re Monica and Clark Vandeventer.  Also joining us on this wonderful adventure of life are our three kids–Jackson, Emery, and Abigail.


We first stumbled upon this lifestyle by accident.

It started out at a 6-month road trip.  But we viewed that trip as a season with a beginning and an end.  We thought that we’d come home from that road trip and re-enter a “normal” life. We’d get the right jobs, send our kids to the “right” schools, volunteer for the “right” organizations, and sit on the “right” boards. We would live “respectable lives.  But we couldn’t.  Ever since then we’ve been figuring out one step at a time how to sustain our lifestyle.  At first, it was kind of crazy. We were entrepreneurs and our life was like a start-up company. Over time, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

What about retirement?  Yeah, we think about it.  But is the point of life to have a good retirement?  It just seems like we’ve met too many people who gave their best years to their career and wake up at 65 wondering what the hell happened.  We’re trying to live a life that we would never want to retire from. What we’ve discovered though, is that over time, this little start-up company that is our life, has gotten some financial footing.

If you’re on a similar journey–or if you just think we’re crazy and want to see how it all turns out–please reach out and let us know.

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We think we achieve uncommon success just by knowing what we want.

Do you know what you want?

Don’t answer too quickly because it’s okay if you don’t. Maybe we can help you figure it out. Your life may look different than ours, but wouldn’t it be nice to do it intentionally instead of just following the crowd?

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