Just another spring day in Tahoe — Hit the beach… then hit the slopes!

Just another spring day in Tahoe — Hit the beach… then hit the slopes!

As long as I can remember I’ve lived with the sense that life is short.  Carpe diem.  When I was a teenager and first heard that phrase I made it my own.  Nine years ago when Monica and I fell off a cliff on our first date that sense that our tomorrows aren’t guaranteed was only heightened.

I love living in the mountains because I’m surrounded by people who share my desire to seize the day.  A lot of people who live in Lake Tahoe are here because of a definitive lifestyle choice.  There may be other places they could live and make more money, but they’ve figured out that more money isn’t going to make them happy if they can’t do the things they love.

There’s also something about the flow of the seasons — and the activities that go with them — that gives you such a sense of urgency to do the things you love.  In the summer I want to spend every day at the beach because I know that soon those beaches will be covered in snow.  In the winter I want to ski every day I possibly can because I know that soon summer will be here and the snow will be gone.

I’ve got 50 days this year on the slopes but no matter how much time you spend skiing you can’t get around that cooped up feeling — cabin fever — that starts to set in come spring.

Then when the thermometer hits 60 degrees for the first time you hit the beach.  And when you’re on the beach at Lake Tahoe you’re at an elevation of 6,225 feet.  The sun is warm.  Nice and warm.  Worthy of basking in.  That’s what we did on Sunday before heading up the mountain to get in a few turns.  Going to the beach and going skiing in the same day.  Just another spring day in Tahoe.


I’ll admit I was a little cold on the mountain in my swimming trunks.  But when we were leaving the beach and I realized I had everything in my car that I needed to go skiing I couldn’t resist the urge to get in a few vertical feet.  Carpe diem.  I had to seize the day.  I mean how often are you able to go to the beach and go skiing in the same day?

Are you going to seize your day?  What can you do now that you can only do now?  Your tomorrows aren’t guaranteed.  And even if you get tomorrow, the snow may have melted.

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  • Hehehe. Are those long socks poking out your ski boots and trying to reach your shorts?? Lol

  • Wow. I had no idea that was possible. Nice!

    • It’s how we do spring in Tahoe! From the top of the mountain to the lake you drop almost 4,000 feet so there can be a big difference in conditions. And all throughout the season there’s always more snow at the top than at lake level so when it begins to melt it stays there longer. Then you get storms like we’re expecting this week — as much as 2 feet by Friday!

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