How we pay for the life of our dreams


The first step to funding the life of your dreams is to stop buying crap you don’t need.

All that crap is just a distraction.

Figure out what you really want your life to look like.  Figure out what you need in order to achieve that life.  And then only spend your money on things that support the life of your dreams.

Everything we have in life we get by trading our time.  Time is the stuff that makes up your life.  So before you go trading your life away to get something, you better make sure you really want it.  Next time you see something that you want to buy ask yourself, “Am I willing to trade my life for it?”

Once you stop buying crap you don’t need, you can begin channeling your life energy toward what you really want. Likely, you’ll find that you need less money. We make less money now than when we had “successful careers” but we have a better life.

Still, you’re going to need money.

We’re often asked how we are able to afford to live the life of our dreams.

Step 1: We stopped buying crap we didn’t need

Step 2: We got rid of crap that was holding us back

Step 3: We only take on work that supports our lifestyle

I’ve already explained what I mean regarding buying crap we don’t need.  Getting rid of crap was just as important.  We de-cluttered our lives.  Sold stuff on Craigslist, eBay, and garage sales.  All that stuff takes time, energy, and money to maintain.

What do I mean when I say we only take on work that fits our lifestyle?

I mean that we only take on work that can be done independently, on our own schedule, and is location independent.

If I have a goal to be able to ski every great powder day each winter, taking a job that I have to physically be at every day is counter-productive to my goal.  It does not matter how much money the job would pay me.  That job is counter-productive to what I want to achieve in life.

There are lots of ways to make money by working independently, on your own schedule, and location-independent.  There’s no one-way to do it.  We know lots of people doing lots of different things.

Patchwork Income

If you stick around this blog for long you’ll get accustomed to the term “patchwork income.” You can check out this video interview I did while overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where I talk about patchwork income.

Our patchwork includes:

  • Credit Card Processing: We are reps for a company that processes credit and debit card transactions for US based companies.  If your business processes credit and debit card transactions, our company guarantees that we can save you money on your processing fees or we’ll give you $500. Learn more here.
  • Mobile Apps: Monica builds mobile apps that are faster, more robust, and less expensive than ever before. These apps really are amazing and a great tool for growing and marketing your business. Learn more here.
  • Website Design: Monica designs websites. Learn more here.
  • Blogging and Freelance Writing: We do make some money from this blog and other blogs that we own.  We also work on a freelance basis where we are paid for our writing.
  • Writing Books: Clark is the author of two books, unWorking and Backdoor to the White House. He’s also working on two more books for release in 2017.
  • Clark’s professional background is in fundraising for non-profit organizations. He’s passionate about working with organizations to help them more effectively work with their donors so they have the funds they need to accomplish their mission.
  • doTerra. Monica is a wellness advocate for doTerra. We’re big believers in using essential oils and doTerra vitamins and supplements for our family’s health and wellness. You can visit Monica’s doTerra store here.

Those are the main pieces of our patchwork.  We’re also always looking for new ways to make money. We often say that the best thing we can teach our kids in order to get by in this world is to be resourceful.  If we teach them to resourceful, they’ll always be able to make their way.  When it comes to income, we try to be resourceful.  We look for opportunities for income, even if some may consider the income small.

When we worked traditional jobs, a $100 gig wouldn’t have meant much to us.  Now, a $100 gig is important because it takes lots of $50 and $100 gigs and some $1,000 gigs and some $5,000 gigs to put together our patchwork.

It’s an exciting way to work.  The most important thing for us is that our patchwork income approach gives us a tremendous amount of freedom.  We can live wherever we want, travel as much as we want, ski all winter, and go to the beach all summer. We can hang out with our kids and be their primary educators. We can live the life of our dreams.

When we first chose this lifestyle, we thought we were choosing lifestyle instead of money. Over time, we’ve built momentum and gotten pretty good at this whole patchwork income thing. We’re not rich by American standards, but we’re doing pretty well. We can also see the future, and from where we’re sitting it looks pretty darn good.

We also want to make more money!

If there’s a way we could work together, we’d love to hear from you. Could be in relation to one of the patches we’ve listed above or it could be some new idea. We love new ideas!  Check out our Business Services page, our Merchant Services Page, and our Mobile Apps by Monica Vandeventer Page. You can also find Clark on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to contact us about working together or learning more about Patchwork Income, email us at You can also contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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