Guest Post on Interest Led Learning-4 Ways Travel Can Dispel Myths about Unschooling

I was honored to be a guest blogger on Christina Pilkington’s site Interest Led Learning. This site has been so foundational to forming my thoughts on schooling lately.

A former teacher turned unschooler, Christina writes informative, well thought out posts about how to let your kids learn all they need to know by following their interests. If you have kids or are interested in education at all her site is a must read.

Christina and her twins

My post , 4 Ways Travel Can Dispel Myths about Unschooling, addresses some of the most common issues people raise about homeschooling and especially about the more radical unschooling methods.

Check out my post and some of her other great posts.

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Christina @Interest-Led Learning 30-03-2012, 17:17

Thanks so much, Monica, for mentioning my site and the article you wrote here. I’m trying to catch up on a backload of e-mails and blog posts I’ve been wanting to read or I would have thanked you earlier. I always look forward to sitting down and reading your posts.

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