Don’t Cry Sally

Don’t Cry Sally

Since we settled in our new home in Lake Tahoe I have been going through binders and binders of old writings. In this new series on Family Trek, I want to share Writings from my Youth. In this series I’ll be sharing things I wrote from high school and college with a brief introduction to set up what I was thinking, feeling, experiencing at the time of writing. You can find all the posts from this series on this Writings from my Youth Tag Page.

I was a C, D, F student my first few years of high school and was a bit of a loner. Then, at the beginning of my junior year of high school a history teacher named Mr. Babbitt just sort of plucked me out of the crowd. He put me in his higher advanced American History course and I excelled. My senior year I joined his Academic Decathlon team and we won state. That Academic Decathlon team formed the core of a group of close friends I spent the last year and a half with of high school and the summer prior to college. We had a lot of fun together and there were plenty of shenanigans, but we also viewed ourselves as academics and budding intellectuals. When we were preparing for Academic Decathlon competitions, we used to arrive at school everyday at 5:30 in the morning to study for two hours before classes started. After Decathlon ended, we continued to come to school everyday at 5:30. Instead of studying for Decathlon, we were reading philosophy and poetry. We formed our own Dead Poets Society that met weekly. These were some of the best days of my life. One member of our group was Sally, who was a year behind the core of our group. There was a sense of sadness as that summer came to an end with most of us heading off to college and Sally headed back for another year of high school without the rest of us. Thumbing through some of my old writing recently, I couldn’t believe it when I came upon this poem. I think the last time I saw Sally was sometime during my freshman year of college, though we’re friends on Facebook and do interact occasionally.┬áThe photo used above is Sally and her husband. It seems that everything has turned out alright.

Don’t Cry Sally

How sweet your voice
How warm your smile
I hope you don’t cry tears tonight
Sally, Sally, don’t cry, Sally
Everything’s gonna be alright
Sally, Sally, don’t cry, Sally
Everything’s gonna be alright
Going away but that’s okay
It might seem hard
And it might just hurt
But I know everything’s gonna be alright
You’re not alone
You’ll never be alone
This I know
Sally, everything’s gonna be alight
Your voice is sweeter when you smile
Your smile’s brighter when your voice is strong
Sally, Sally, I know you feel weak
But Sally, Sally, you are strong
Sally, Sally, don’t cry, Sally
Everything’s gonna be alright

-Clark Vandeventer
August 20, 1998

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