Do you long for summer?


What feelings are conjured just by hearing that world?  Summer.

Last week my wife was in a bit of a funk.  A few days later we were skiing a blue bird day at Heavenly Mountain.  We took a break and were sitting in a couple of Adirondack chairs and were basking in the warm sun.  As we talked she said she thought maybe part of her funk was just a plain old lack of sun.  Ahhh… the Vitamin D from the sun.  There’s nothing else like it.

Ski season isn’t over yet — I’m still praying for just one more powder day — but in my heart I am longing for summer.  I’m longing for beach days.  I’m longing for entire days outside with the kids with not a care in the world.  I’m longing for summer days.

It’s that longing that had me looking through old photos of swimsuits and sandals.

Dear God, give me one more powder day on the slopes — and then 80 degrees at the beach.


Emery at Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo, California.


Jackson in the tide pools at Avila Beach


I love summer days like this one at Angora Lake which is just a 20 minute drive from out house in South Lake Tahoe, California.


I love paddle boarding. My friends at are awesome.


One of our favorite summer spots in Lake Tahoe is Baldwin Beach. There's a little stream there that's great for the kids. Emery is happy!


One of our favorite spots in the Santa Barbara area is the Padaro Beach Grill. So relaxed and chill, as the photo would imply.

Do you have a favorite summer spot?

Ready to go there?

While I do seriously look forward to more great time on the ski slopes as this season comes to a close, I can tell you that I really look forward to summer.  The kids just aren’t yet at an age where they can get excited about powder days!  But they DO get excited about beach days!  In a few weeks we’ll be back in SoCal and when we return to Lake Tahoe we’ll be ready for full on summer!  Join us on the journey.  You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or RSS.


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Living Outside of the Box 06-04-2012, 22:43

Ah, yes. Summer is a beautiful thing. Soooo many wonderful memories in my life have come from the summer. In fact, I would venture to guess that 99% of my best memories are all from awesome summer days…that is, until I figured out how to make my winter a summer, as well! Haha!

Clark Vandeventer 08-04-2012, 21:35

Yes, Alisa… I was thinking of you and all my friends who are chasing summer in their travels or have relocated to a place where it’s summer all the time! I really do LOVE living here in the mountains and being 10 minutes from the ski slopes. I also love how the changing of the seasons gives such an urgency to life. In the winter I want to ski every powder day because I know that those days are numbered. In the summer I want to be outside and at the beach because I know those days are numbered. Although when we go on our RTW trip we plan to chase summer. Too much packing otherwise! LOL

Living Outside of the Box 15-04-2012, 22:22

Haha! So true…I keep looking at this winter stuff we still pack around (from our Alaska days…it’s hard to give up good quality gear!), wonderful if/when we’ll ever need it again! But hey…I’m not opposed to experiencing a BIT of winter here and there ;-) It certainly is more comfortable to travel in “summer”!!

Bryan Rosner 08-04-2012, 20:26

We are ready for summer! Amen. Judah and I just ate dinner at the river tonight, but it was 46 degrees.

We’ll be putting our new-found frugal traveling lessons to work this summer with lots of camping; would you guys be interested in doing a post on camping equipment necessities and recommendations?

Clark Vandeventer 08-04-2012, 21:32

Hey Bryan, we actually have written some posts on gearing up for camping. Now’s a great time to start sharing them again because I’m sure a lot of people are thinking the same kind of thing you are!

Here’s a shopping list to get you started:

Here’s a post on planning meals:

Here’s a review of the tent we bought:

Take my advise… don’t skimp on your camp stove!

And a few more quick tips:

Bryan Rosner 08-04-2012, 21:37

Awesome. I figured you had these posts somewhere.

Clark Vandeventer 08-04-2012, 21:37

By the way, Bryan — we were at the beach today! It was nice and warm while we were there from about 12:30 to 2:30! Then when we left the beach I went skiing — I was in my trunks!

Bryan Rosner 08-04-2012, 21:38

That’s awesome! We were thinking of joining you guys today at the beach but we ended up having a “beach picnic” at my parents house where my sister was, it was her last day today. Let us know when you are heading out again – we’d love to join you!

Judah and my river trip today was based on your advice to take a vacation at home – we explored a cool place we’d never been before!

Clark Vandeventer 11-04-2012, 10:00

Bryan, looks like we have a while to wait again for another beach day in Tahoe! That’s cool you and Judah explored a place you’d never been before. Man, we are just getting started here in Tahoe and every season offers a new nook to explore.

Zach Ball 10-04-2012, 11:30

I live in Idaho and my favorite spot is Stanley, ID. We go there a few times a year. It is some of the most amazing scenery I’ve ever seen.

Clark Vandeventer 11-04-2012, 09:54

We’ll have to check that out someday Zach!

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