Dinner Party Travel Stories: Last Dance in Costa Rica

Dinner Party Travel Stories: Last Dance in Costa Rica

Dinner Party Travel Stories is an “occasional” series on Family Trek. The idea is to share a travel story that’d be fun to tell over a dinner party and to do it in about 500 words or less.  You can check out the full series here.

We were on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. The resort we were staying at on the Guanacaste Peninsula was one of the first resorts in a developing area and it’d only be open for a few months. For the past two weeks, we’d basically had the place to ourselves. Every night after dinner we’d go to this outdoor lounge where there was a band playing salsa music. We’d have some drinks, sit and talk, and dance.

We were the only people there. The only people dancing. After a few weeks, we had gotten pretty friendly with the band. There we were on our last night in Costa Rica, the last night of our honeymoon, and we were soaking in the moment. We decided we’d have one last dance and then head back to our room. After the dance we walked up to the band to say goodbye but they compelled us to have just one more last dance. We complied.

We were having fun, dancing fast. Both Monica and me, and the band, were all smiles. The song just kept going on and on. That band was going to keep us on the dance floor as long as they could. They were laughing. We were laughing. On and on we danced. Just when we thought the song was about to end they picked it up again. We danced on. The music got faster. We danced faster. Finally the song ended and we now said our final goodbyes to the band.

Those ticos gave us one of our very best wedding presents, a memory we’ll cherish forever.

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