Our Family Day Trip to Fallen Leaf Lake

Our Family Day Trip to Fallen Leaf Lake

So we are between trips…planning and preparing for our big camping trip in a few weeks, and still settling into our life in Tahoe. Clark says “Lets take a day trip on Friday.” so we do. Now Tahoe in the summer is almost perfect; about 77 degrees, no humidity, gorgeous beaches, hiking, biking, boating, paddle boarding on crystal clear water. Why we would want to leave here for even one day is a bit of a mystery.

BUT we love travel and adventure so we packed up a lunch, paddle board, raft and about a hundred other things and headed out.

Fallen Leaf Lake is just about 30 minutes outside Tahoe. It is one of 3 small lakes that lead down into Tahoe. Upper and Lower Angora then Fallen Leaf Lake. It has a pebble bottom so it is extremely clear. It is a bit cold as it is all snow melt, but later in the summer the sun warms the water and it is just wonderful. The views are stunning. There are pine and aspen trees lining the rim of the lake. The blue sky and lake seem to be a mirror reflection of each other.

Monica at Fallen Leaf Lake

The town is very very small. There is a campground near Tahoe, a bit away from the actual lake, maybe a 100 homes that line the small one lane road that takes you to the marina, general store/cafe. Private docks line the rim of the lake. Just a small wooden platform with two chairs and a boat tied up, or a small boat house. It feels like you are in another place altogether, maybe even another time.

We setup camp along with two other families right below the general store in the marina. There is a parking lot there and a little cafe where you can get burgers and fries along with ice cream. You can rent boats, kayaks, paddle boards, rafts etc. The trees provided a rotating shade throughout the day. The sun was hot and intense which made the cool water even more appealing.

File:Stanford Sierra Camp's Boat Dock on Fallen Leaf Lake.jpg

As soon as we got settled in the kids were in the water. They got a variety of flotation devices on and wadded into the calm shallow water. It was ideal. The lake stays shallow for a long way and because of the small lake and the wave break on the marina there were no waves to speak of. All day the kids played in the lake as we sat on the beach and watched them get more and more daring.

The small dock also provided hours of entertainment. There was jumping off, swimming under, watching ducks swim under and of course all the kids favorite…pushing Daddy off the dock. There were also fishermen who were bringing in their catch. The kids were fascinated by the fish and gear. They were all very friendly and willing to show off their catch.

Clark and I took turns taking the paddle board out. Emery loves to go for rides on it, Jack is afraid. Standing on that board on the lake in the sun and quiet I felt like all was right in the world. We loaned our raft and paddle boards to others in our group. We all shared toys, food and fun. It was a perfect day in a perfect setting.

Sometimes all it takes to get away is a packed lunch, a short drive and a careless place. We are so glad to have found our spot.  I think we are going back this Friday!

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