Creating a Backyard Obstacle Course

Creating a Backyard Obstacle Course

Summer is in full swing.  Big family trips and weekend treks are on order.  But wish you had more to occupy your kids at home?  Looking at your backyard and wishing you could do more?  We eyed the big swing sets at Costco.  But are budget was….less than a thousand dollars.  We looked at K-Mart and some of the local stores.  We saw things that were cheaper but we did not like them as much.  And then we drove by the local tire shop.

Tire shops pay to have tires recycled.  So they’re almost always more than happy to give you all the tires you want.  We hung a tire swing, made a sandbox, and created this climbing structure pictured here between two trees in our backyard.  Our kids love it!

Jack and Emery Tire Climbers

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