Channeling your life energy

Channeling your life energy

I shared in a post a few days ago how we had come to buy a home in Lake Tahoe. To make a long story short, the primary motivating factor was that this is where our friends are. It took us leaving for a while to really figure that out. In the grand scheme of things, I am happy we left and came back here very intentionally. Buying a house wasn’t a flippant move or a matter of convenience. This is where we want to be.

But after three years of quasi-nomadic living and six years of constant moving and change, why have we decided to settle at all? That’s what I want to get into in this post, and it has to do with channeling your life energy.

My very good friend Bryan was our realtor and our lifeline in a very complicated home purchase, which was further complicated by us, the buyers, being 500 miles away. I told Bryan after we closed that I still didn’t know whether he was a good realtor or rather an exceptional friend. During the escrow I lamented to him how much I looked forward to the margin in my life that a home would bring.

I’ve never been super into productivity hacks. Maximum productivity has never been my goal. But in recent months I found myself increasingly frustrated by a lack of productivity in my life. I had this pent up energy to work — to produce something — and I felt like all that energy was being wasted on where  I would work, or where our family would even live.

Bryan paid me a tremendous compliment at this point. He was confused by this comment because he said he felt like I had someone manged to clone myself. That I had somehow managed to continue being a present and active father, that I had become this fitness feen, and that I was kicking butt in my primary work gig. From his perspective, I was already super productive. He saw production, what he even described as a high level of production.

It was a great compliment because the three areas he highlighted have been my focus for some time. Here was a close friend observing my life and what he saw — the output that he observed — it the very things I had been focusing my life energy on.

So I had enough time — enough margin — in my life to do a really good job at those three things. But I was spending a lot of time on a fourth thing, that fourth thing being where I would live and work.

Let’s start with work. What coffee shop will I go to today? Will the wifi be working? Will it be crowded? What if I need to make calls and it’s loud? The books I need to reference, the files I want to review? Where are those? Packed away in a storage unit somewhere?

And we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out where we would live, not just in recent months as our living situation in Santa Barbara got upended and we were working to buy a home. It’s been that way constantly. It’s the tyranny of choice. Everything is possible. Let’s spend a month in Guatemala and then do a road-trip through California and then go camping. Or should we rent a house in Lake Tahoe? Or go back to Santa Barbara. Endless options, endless time spent analyzing the options.

I wanted to take all the time I was spending figuring out where I would live and work and instead spend it on actually producing a body of work. This past fall I wrote this post — What am I doing with my life? In a sense, that blog post, which I wrote before we had any idea we could possibly buy a home at this time, is one answer to why we bought a home now.

The timing, I think, is perfect. (God’s timing always is). This frustration with the ability to get into a good work flow — and the ability to channel creativity — has been a frustration for a while. But maybe it was good that I wasn’t able to get to some of the things I wanted to do two years ago until now. Ideas have marinated. Thoughts have processed. Perspectives have changed.

I want to continue channeling my life energy to be a good dad, to continue to make physical health and wellness a priority in my life, and to kick butt with my primary professional work. But all that life energy that I was using to figure out where I would live and work I now want to channel into writing and creative work. More books, more private letters and correspondence, more time writing in my journals. I want to write letters now that I will be able to give to my children when they are older. I want to write down some lessons I have learned in the past few years before I forget them. I want to go through some of my old writing that I’ve never published. I have boxes and boxes of journals and notebooks that I have filled over the past twenty years. And I want to delve into new mediums, including podcasting, but maybe other mediums as well.

I think the next few years are going to be very exciting.

This past fall I shared with a mentor that I had no desire for extended travel right now. I’ve loved the long stints of time we’ve been able to spend in Thailand and Central America and road-tripping across the United States. But right now all I want to do is be home and in a groove, and then travel somewhere for a week or two and then come back and get into my groove again. It won’t always be this way. But for now I am happy to be home in Lake Tahoe with family and friends, and yes, to work.


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