A road trip stop that will get you out of the car & keep you healthy

A road trip stop that will get you out of the car & keep you healthy

If you have young kids and you like to travel you know what it’s like when everyone in the car has come to their end.  Our kids are remarkably good car travelers.  I suppose we’ve trained them to be from their very earliest days.  But no matter how good a car traveler you are–whether your’d a kid or an adult–there comes a time when you just need to get out of the car.

You feel like you’re going crazy!

We were on a long drive from the Redwoods to Lake Tahoe.  We needed to get out of the car for a stop.  And we also needed to eat.

Justin from The Great Family Escape had a post a few weeks ago about Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling.  My favorite tip was devoting one meal a day to fruits or vegetables.

When I saw the roadside fruit and vegetable stand just ahead on the road I thought of Justin.

Our kids had a great time.  The market was loaded with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We all had a great lunch.  Ran around and stretched our legs a bit.  And because we’d cleaned out the fridge before heading out on our trip, we picked up lots of yummy extras to take up with us.

Stopping at Roadside Stand

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