5 Reasons We Love Our Front-Mounted Bike Seat

5 Reasons We Love Our Front-Mounted Bike Seat

Jackson on the BikeWe love to see a new city by bike.  The bike allows you to cover enough ground to discover the city without the separation that you experience in a car. I don’t think we would have enjoyed our bikes as much if we didn’t have a front-mounted bike seat for the kids. There is a lot of controversy about these. Some say they are unsafe for the kids or the rider, but we have never had an issue. In fact they seem more stable than the rear seats and the kids love them!!

Here are the top 5 reasons of why I love the front-mounted bike seat:

1. You can see your kid

Talk about dangerous. Try turning around to make sure your baby hasn’t squirmed out of the straps while riding down the road! Not Safe or fun! Having your baby right in front of you, with your arms around them seems so natural and safe.

2. Your kids can see

They typical rear-mounted seats put your child right up against your back, enclosed on almost all sides. They can’t see much and I personally think this limited vision may make some kids a bit motion sick!

3. You can interact with your kids while you are riding

Pointing out scenery, wildlife, and having those sweet moments of discovery is so easy when the kids are right in front of you. Your mouth is right by their head so you don’t have to scream for them to hear you.

4. You feel more stable

The center of gravity is more stable and you don’t get that unsettling swerving that is so common with the rear-mounted seats.

5. The kids stay happy longer

Because they are more engaged, can see more and feel close to you they are happier for longer distances.

BoBike MiniWe have the BoBike Mini and a Kangaroo. We strongly favor the BoBike. There are other types including the IBert that we haven’t tried, but would imagine are very good. The BoBike is especially nice because it is very easy to remove if you don’t have your kids with you. One pin and the seat comes off. The part that is left behind is hardly noticeable.

We started riding with Jackson when he was 6 months old and Emery when she was about 4 months. Jackson at 3 1/2 is now too big and we are dreading the switch to a rear-mount seat.

There is a new product, not even out yet that we hope to try soon, that is for older kids. Stay Tuned…



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