2 Kids a Big Promise and a Closed RR Museum

2 Kids a Big Promise and a Closed RR Museum

We are big believers that travel is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or half way around the world if you take advantage of the world around you, seek out adventure and suck the marrow out of life then you are a traveler.

We did just that thing on a recent unexpected mini-vacation. I had some time to kill before we could check into our hotel and I had remembered driving past a railroad museum in Carson City. I have often said that I would love to take the kids, especially Jackson who adores trains, but we hadn’t done it yet. That day, in those few hours I took the kids.

The kids were very excited about seeing real trains. They had been on a real train with Clark just a few months ago, and I tried to explain that we weren’t going on a train ride. I tried to explain to my 2 and 4-year-old that this was a museum. Wasn’t going so well, then when we got there they were closed.

It was, at first, a major setback. To avoid tears and a complete meltdown I agreed to let the kids out and walk around the yard. It was great. They walked on the tracks and looked at the old broken down flat beds. It was magical. It was a great moment for me the unschool teacher,  for me as a mom, and for me as a traveler. And the kids loved it too.

Think about things that are close, things that your kids would enjoy, travel to see them and let the journey teach you a little something in the process.

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  • Glad it turned out to be a happy day! Sometimes it’s the things we don’t plan that are the most fun. Love the pictures too.

    • You are so right. Seize the moment even if it isn’t as you pictured.
      Thanks for the compliment about the pictures. All taken on my iPhone with Instagram. I love Instagram, except it is slow on my 3GS phone.

  • Disappointment can be so hard for kids, especially little ones. I’m trying to work with my kids on not having any expectations for trips, so that no matter what happens we try to find the fun in it. I’m sure your kids will look back on that day and remember running up and down those tracks and think what an awesome day it was!

    • That is a great point. I am going to start working on that too. I do that with myself and it makes life more enjoyable.
      As far as my kids looking back they already do. They loved it that day too. They didn’t know what to expect so they didn’t even know that wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

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