10 quick tips for making it super easy to fly with kids

10 quick tips for making it super easy to fly with kids

Guest post by Jessica Kelly

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Going on holiday as a family is a great chance to spend quality time together. You can get away from your normal routines and make life-long memories. That’s not to say getting abroad will be hassle-free, though. Flying with over-excited kids is notoriously stressful.

But there are some easy things you can do to make both the journey through the airport and the flight straightforward for your family. We suggest the following:

1. Remember some snacks
The last thing you want are hungry kids. But food in the airport can be expensive, so make sure you plan ahead and find out where you’ll be eating. Also pick up some snacks from departures if you’re on a long flight and know your little ones won’t touch the food on the plane.

2. Pack time-killers
The whole toy collection doesn’t have to come on holiday with you. But much needed time-killers like colouring or activity books will be extremely helpful if you have any delays.

3. Technology will be your best friend
You might also want to pack a tablet and download some films or games before your flight too. As Compare Travel Insurance rightly puts it: “When all else fails and the toys are being thrown out the pram; movies on the go will help with those near meltdown moments.”

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4. Comfort is key for everyone
Comfort should take priority over style – dress your children in soft, roomy layers that you can take on and off as the plane’s air conditioning demands. Skyscanner recommends pyjamas as the best option and suggest taking a pillow too so kids can easily drift off.

5. Factor in extra time with young kids
You don’t want to have to rush through the airport with little ones – make sure you’ve allocated plenty of time for toilet stops and so on.

6. Seat your kids away from the aisle
Unless you want them woken up every time sometime needs the loo, or reaching out to the food and beverage carts to help themselves, don’t sit your child in the aisle seat.

7. Consider taking a surprise
For the moment when you’re finally on your flight and taking off, and you get the inevitable complaints about their ears hurting, consider taking a small surprise for your children. Parents.com says a new plaything has two advantages – kids love to unwrap stuff, and a new toy has attention-grabbing pull.

8. Talk to them about what’s happening
When you’re making your way through check-in, security and boarding the plane, explain to kids what’s going on and why it’s important they behave. Even young children like being in the know.

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9. Get up during the flight
Every now and then, get up and walk with your little one around the plane. It’s good to get the blood flowing, as well as for your sanity.

10. Keep calm
As long as you’re trying to keep your children under control on a flight, everyone’s on your side – so try not to worry what other people think of your children have a bit of a meltdown.

Do you regularly fly with children? Share your experiences with us.

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