• Living Intentionally

    We have an amazing life because we've said "no" to many cool things that are less important to us and "yes" to only the things that are most important to us. Less debt, fewer financial commitments, location-independent income, work we are passionate about, hack-schooling our kids, & our thirst for travel. Read More
  • Epic Fail

    The story of how we ended up living in the in-laws garage. In the span of a few months, Clark went from candidate for United States Congress to moving his wife and 2 kids into his in-laws garage. It was hard fall loaded with shame and a embarrassment. This was our new beginning. The Great Recession became our Great Reorientation. We re-thought everything and came up with new answers to everything. Read More
  • Epic Life

    Author JK Rowling once wrote, "Rock bottom became the solid foundation from which I rebuilt my life." The best thing about losing everything was that we realized losing everything wasn't that bad. We were freed from the fear of failure and began methodically building a lifestyle of our own design. Now, we live a ridiculously awesome life skiing in Lake Tahoe, traveling around the world, and doing things everyday that make us happy. Read More
  • How we pay for it.

    Spending 50+ days a year skiing and having the freedom to travel the world is best achieved... without having a job. Yes, you read that right. But this life ain't free, and no, we did not win the lottery. We pay for our epic life with what we call "Patchwork Income." Not only does it give us the freedom to live life on our terms, our patchwork gives us greater security than any "job" ever could. Read More
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Who is Family Trek?

We're a family who doesn't believe the rules apply to us.

That makes some people love us and some people hate us. We left successful careers to forge our own path because we didn't want to wait until we retired to live the best years of our life.
We fund our lifestyle through patchwork income, which you can read a lot about on this blog. Our MacBooks go wherever we go so we can continue to oversee our online kingdom wherever we are.
We have three kids who we are "hack-schooling" and the world is their classroom. When we're not traveling, our home bases are Santa Barbara, where we tend to land for weeks at a time between trips, and Lake Tahoe, where we spend our winters because we love to ski.

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Live like us

We think we have a pretty amazing life. You can too.

A lifestyle like ours is best achieved without a job. Yep, you read that right. Don't get a job. You do need money, though, and the good news is there are lots of ways you can develop income streams (and yes, passive income streams) that allow you to live the life of your dreams. We're not experts at all of them, but we are pretty darn good at a few.

If you dream of having the money and freedom to travel and live and live an amazing life now, we can help you. This is not a get rick quick scheme. It's grueling. It's hard work and it takes time. But it's so worth it!

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How ’bout you?

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Clark’s Book

What would you do if you lost everything?

Clark Vandeventer and his wife Monica did lose everything. In the span of a few months, Clark went from rising political star and candidate for United States Congress to moving his wife and two kids into his in-laws garage.
Rather than dusting himself off and getting back in the game, he and Monica decided to re-think everything.
They came up with new answers to everything.
And began the process of re-inventing their life.
This book is about that process.
It's about walking away from the grind.
It’s about how to rebuild your life intentionally.
It’s about casting a vision for your future while enjoying life today and living on a grand scale. It’s about loneliness, depression, and failure. This book is about how hard times affect relationships. It's about marriage, kids, vacuuming, and sex. It’s about losing everything and then figuring out how to rebuild your life on the foundation of the things you value most.
The rules in the new world are different. People sense that the rules have changed but they don’t fully understand what’s happening. This book makes sense of it all.
It's just a darn good story. One of epic proportions – just like yours can be.

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Connect with us

Patchwork Income

Because who wants a "real" job?

How do we make money? We call it "Patchwork Income." Some patches are big and some are small. Check out some of our "patches" below.

Life Coaching

Are you trying to figure out how to live intentionally but feel like you could use someone who's already been down the road to help you navigate a little better? Sign-up for Clark's Lifestyle Design course and get one-on-one support to help you achieve a life of your own design.

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Business Services

Part of our patchwork of income includes a variety of services for businesses. We can help you with credit card processing and other payment processing, website design, social media, and marketing. Monica also builds smart phone apps that are faster, more robust, and less expensive than anything before.

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Clark is a consultant to non-profit organizations and helps train professional staff how to effectively work with major donors. He makes good fundraisers great and travels around the United States leading training seminars and coaching fundraising staff as well as meeting with donors on behalf of non-profit organizations.

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